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A heart-felt letter to all seeking True Love...

Whether you're single or in a relationship now, you probably know what relationship pain feels like.

If you're single, you've felt those waves of loneliness that come when you want someone to share special moments with and there's nobody there. You've probably also had that sinking feeling of disappointment when a relationship you'd pinned your hopes on didn't work out.

If you have a partner now, you've no doubt felt that helpless, hopeless feeling of being stuck in some conflict you couldn't get out of. You may have also come up against a problem that many couples struggle with: you gradually feel the love and liveliness leak out of the relationship because of repetitive conflicts and taking each other for granted.

Can you relate to this story?
A woman named Marjorie came to us when she was 54 years old. She didn't want to give up her dream of finding lasting love, but she couldn't figure out how to get out of the rut she was in. She'd been married twice before, and the pain of those failed relationships had caused her to bury her hopes of finding a partner to share her life. "I don't want to fail again," she said, "so part of me holds back from even trying. But I know I'll never feel satisfied unless I do everything I can to have the relationship I really want." That resonated with us—we never advocate that people settle for less in their love life.

Whether you are single or with a partner now, you've probably felt some of the same things Marjorie did—trapped in painful patterns you can't find your way out of. We sure spent our share of time there in the early days of our relationship.

Fortunately, Marjorie took the courageous step of breaking out of her old pattern. Over the course of the next hour we worked with her on three things. (You'll learn how to do these three things, plus a lot more, in the Six Mentoring Sessions of Lasting Love Made Easy.) First, we asked her to make a new commitment to finding lasting love. We showed her a special way of making commitments that helps manifest what you want much more quickly. Then we helped her find the old, limiting belief that was keeping her from finding true love. The moment she realized what had been holding her back she looked like a changed woman. "I feel like I just got my energy back," she said. We spent the last part of the session helping her get clear on exactly what she wanted and constructing a plan for getting it.

We didn't hear from her again for about six months, but when she came back she had quite a story to tell. Shortly after that first session she'd met a man at a conference she was attending. He met every criteria of what she wanted in a mate…except one. He lived a thousand miles away. They found a way to make it work, though. Over the next few months they cashed in a lot of frequent-flyer miles until finally they were able to settle down in one place. She announced to us that they were getting married!

That was seven years ago, and we're happy to report that they're still thriving. Sometimes all it takes is a bit of good mentoring at the right time to make a change that lasts a whole lifetime.

Do You Have Children?
If so, one of the best favors you can ever do them is to give them good relationships models. Many people who take Lasting Love Made Easy find that the tools you learn in the program work well with kids, too. We recently got a nice note from a woman named Heidi who says, "Thank you so much for all the wonderfully enlightening work you are doing within the realm of relationships. My husband and I are so enjoying Lasting Love Made Easy. Wow…awesome tools for every conversation and every encounter with another…amazingly simple approach to easily communing and loving. We are finding it so useful with each other and our 3 teenagers. Thank you, thank you."

Great Tools For Professionals
Many of you are professionals in coaching, therapy, medicine and other branches of the helping professions. Others of you are in business, where relationships make all the difference in the world. You'll find that the very same tools that will change your life in Lasting Love Made Easy can be useful in changing the lives of the people you work with. We recently got an email from a professional therapist named Deborah who says, "I have jumped right in and use the visualization of surrounding one self with love in my office with my clients a lot -- with heartbreakingly positive results. One woman literally jolted out of her seat doing it and excitedly said, 'We can just stop now, this is the most amazing thing I've ever experienced.' Other people generally have tears as they explain their experience. Really amazing--I love it."  

John's Story
John took Lasting Love Made Easy because, in his words, "I've been a computer nerd since junior high school (I still am, but now I get paid for it!) It's only been lately in my twenties that I'm finally getting less awkward around women. The program really helped me see something that I had never thought of before—that I don't have to pretend to be anybody else in order to attract a woman. Instead of trying to be cool I'm just being myself. I tried your suggestions on a first date two nights ago and it went great. Looking forward to more!"

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am participating in your Lasting Love Made Easy program and my life is transforming. I have found closure in a difficult past relationship that was having so much trouble ending and I have met a beautiful, caring, honest, direct, sexy, loving, empowered woman. I am so happy I am in tears. I feel a relief that I never knew was possible and I have faith that I will be loved authentically and always; by myself and by my partner." -Sean

Our Own Story Of Struggle
Even though we had high hopes and good intentions, we struggled terribly with each other in the first year or two of our relationship. We were in our thirties when we met; both of us had experienced our share of broken dreams and failed relationships in our teens and twenties. By the time we met, we REALLY wanted to get off the cycle of pain and suffering that we'd experienced in past relationships. We desperately wanted to get it right.

Finally, our backs against the wall and on the verge of splitting up, we made a breakthrough agreement with each other. Instead of breaking up, we made a commitment to learn everything we really needed to know to make our relationship succeed. This commitment unlocked an amazing "download" of insights and tools over the next few years. By using those tools on ourselves we broke through to a deeper love than we ever imagined existed. Gradually other singles and couples came to us to learn to use the tools that were making such a difference in our own lives.

Get The Love You Want And Need…Without "Working" On Your Relationship

Are you wanting to experience more Love, more Joy, more Intimacy and more Growth… yet you don't want your relationship to be "all work"?

Whether you're single or in a relationship now, you owe it to yourself to feel a deep, easy flow of lasting love. Are you in a relationship right now that doesn't feel quite right? Perhaps you feel alone…maybe you even feel as if you'll never find that "one true love" that you desire. Or, perhaps you are in a "good" relationship, and you just want to make it a fantastic relationship!

If you can relate to any of these desires, then our Lasting Love Made Easy System is going to make you jump for joy!

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We've put our 30-plus years of clinical experience with counseling couples and helping folks like you find their ideal match into a simple, concise 3-Part System where we…

  • Connect with you and guide you through a series of simple practices designed literally to program your mind and body to attract your IDEAL love…or grow the love you currently share with your partner!
  • Coach you at your OWN pace. Once a week for 6 weeks, you receive a Special Lasting Love Made Easy Video Mentoring Session with that week's lesson. Each session contains the action-packed wisdom of our 32-year career in helping more than 20,000 people transform their relationships.
  • Interact with you personally! Both of us will join you live on the phone every month as you experience the phenomena of attracting greater love into your life, no matter your age, relationship status, or history!  We help you mold your mind and heart to experience the connection you absolutely desire and deserve! (People tell us that the monthly live calls are some of the most valuable parts of Lasting Love Made Easy. Each month you join us on the phone or webcast as we answer questions and share our insights for your most pressing issues.
    One of our members, Dorothy, writes to say, "I listened in on the call and enjoyed all the great information. The questions and answers were mind blowing.")
  • Give you a powerful tool for creating harmony and ease in yourself with our 17-Minute Harmonizer. Just push a button; moments later you open up a new feeling of centered ease inside—the perfect state of consciousness for making big changes rapidly and gently.

Special Bonus: The Advanced Manifestation Program!
Usually reserved for students in our 90-Day and Year-Long advanced programs, this series of videos takes you step by step through our most powerful manifestation tools and techniques. You'll love the way Katie presents the content: clear, insightful, experiential and FUN! The Advanced Manifestation course is a series of 21 action-packed videos that take you into insights and tools of manifestation we promise you've never encountered before.


"I've never seen so much wisdom delivered so beautifully. These videos are everything you really need to create a magnificent life."
-Rhonda Mills

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"I want to send you both my love, appreciation and gratitude for this work over the past six weeks. It has felt like a true mentoring relationship. Thank you for the space you have helped me find—the space to allow and love all my feelings, and the peace that I've found…God bless you both for your generosity and devotion to lasting love in the world…and having it be easy."
- Vicki
Boulder, Colorado

The entire Lasting Love, Made Easy! System was created with you in mind, right down to the step-by-step approach you'll experience with us, starting today. No "theory" or long, boring text books to read...

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With love,

Dr. Gay Hendricks
Dr. Katie Hendricks

P.S.  Something very important for you to remember:

You deserve lasting love.

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"Since becoming involved with the Hendricks programs and approaches my life and relationships have become more fulfilling, harmonious and rich - as well as a whole lot simpler!"

- Jane Warren

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- Jody Kaylor
Improviser of Creative Solutions